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How to install

For ubuntu you can install using:

apt-get install mktorrent

Or you can use out auto-install script

How to Use

You can use mktorrent from the commandline:

Usage: mktorrent [OPTIONS] <target directory or filename>

-a <url>[,<url>]* : specify the full announce URLs
                    at least one is required
                    additional -a adds backup trackers
-c <comment>      : add a comment to the metainfo
-d                : don't write the creation date
-h                : show this help screen
-l <n>            : set the piece length to 2^n bytes,
                    default is 18, that is 2^18 = 256kb
-n <name>         : set the name of the torrent,
                    default is the basename of the target
-o <filename>     : set the path and filename of the created file
                    default is <name>.torrent
-p                : set the private flag
-v                : be verbose
-w <url>[,<url>]* : add web seed URLs
                    additional -w adds more URLs 

Example usage:

cd /home/myuser/downloads
mktorrent -a -p -n mytorrent -o mytorrent.torrent

Adding it to rutorrent

If you want to use it with rutorrent, you will need to get nano (a text editor):

apt-get install nano

Edit the "create" plugin configure (most likely it will be here):

nano /var/www/rutorrent/plugins/create/conf.php

or here:

nano /var/rutorrent/rutorrent/plugins/create/conf.php


$useExternal = false;


$useExternal = "mktorrent";
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